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Fostering a true utility ecosystem

The way we transact value is moving to the blockchain. Redgrid is building this capability for utilities.

RedGrid delivers Web3.0 infrastructure to help utility businesses create added value for customers. Our protocol solutions enable utilities to optimise networks, develop new business models and open existing value streams to the blockchain.

Harnessing the power of the Tility blockchain

RedGrid harnesses the power of the Tility blockchain protocol to deliver customised solutions for utility providers and offer new opportunities for innovation.

Tility is a blockchain-based software protocol that enhances existing digital utility networks, while creating gateways between them. By building these bridges, Tility creates new opportunities for collaboration and innovation between sectors that were not possible before, all while increasing the efficiency of retailers’ existing private networks.

Unlocking New Business Models

By harnessing the capabilities of the Tility protocol, RedGrid helps utilities explore new business models, and address how the blockchain can be used to generate new revenue streams and new ways to serve customers.

Optimising Utility Networks

RedGrid deploys blockchain capabilities, and customises to specific utilities and their requirements. We optimise existing retailer networks with a blockchain accounting layer that increases the efficiency of resource tracking, accounting and distribution.

Enabling Cross Sector Collaborations

RedGrid tokenises resources through the native Tility token (XTL) to create liquidity across utility markets, opening cross-sector gateways for value exchange and collaboration between sectors that were previously not possible.

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