The Power is in Your Hands

Proven technology connecting the world's energy devices.


Global Energy Tokens

Our aim is to decentralise and universalise access to electricity. Our platform is designed to reduce the cost of electrification and improve the tracking and trading of electricity from generation, to distribution, and consumption at a granular level.


Future Proofing Power Grids

Our blockchain first stack is implementable in all powered devices. We have a built-in universal accounting layer for the energy industry actors, including existing and new incumbents. We are building provisions for consumers to track usage at socket level.

Open Source Access

We are building an open source platform from ground up with an intent to release it to the entire world and bring electricity to the remotest regions of our planet. Our Alpha network is currently getting built and will be ready to go soon.

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What Businesses Will Be Built Using RedGrid?

RedGrid is the platform that will power energy industry businesses (a.k.a. use cases). Sample use cases currently using the RedGrid platform.


reVolt is providing energy to households who want a cheaper alternative. We sell power at the same price one currently purchases at. We are the world's first to reward everyone for using less energy. This innovative approach is facilitated using a brilliant business model and RedGrid.

Meta Retailer

A convergent retailer looks to create a meta utility service for it customers and provide a single bill. When the customer has excess capacity in any of its utilities (e.g. prosumer having excess electricity) they are given an option to sell it back to the retailer and/or sell it to his/her neighbour.

Renewables Wholesaler

Leveraging the current market inefficiencies to create a unique opportunity for existing and new renewable generation plants to sell their electricity. Create a pathway for wind and solar power stations to be profitable. And enable small medium retailers to become sustainable.

A Technology to Power the World


  • - Work with a local community on thermal power sustainable energy solution.
    - Learn from operating a community renewable energy solution.
    - Engage and work with incumbents to innovate on energy supply chain.
    - Engage and learn from GNGOs by building strategies for the emerging billions.


- Conduct several customer discoveries and industry incumbent interviews for renewable energy solutions.
- Conduct research and needs analysis for how technology can digitise electrons.
- Validate the need for REDGRID platform powered by Blockchain.
- Architect the protocol and network layer for a global solution.


- Identify, validate and create a library of energy use cases.
- Publish whitepaper and conduct XRG token sale.
- Lay the groundwork and establish partnerships with local universities.
- Build and ship REDGRID platform functions and features.


- See positive ROI from clean energy use cases and businesses.
- Provide access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy to fuel innovation and growth in the emerging billions of markets.
- Increase focus on renewables in the energy mix: from generation to distribution to retail.
- Build and ship new RedGrid platform functions and features.