Mike Gamble Headshot

mike gamble, lead architect

Mike is lead architect at RedGrid and liaison with the Holochain community. Mike led RedGrid’s work with Monash University’s NetZero initiative implementation. His career has involved spotting the gaps and filling them, so he tends to contribute by not sticking to his own lane. Mike has had a varied career in robotics, telecommunications, sports electronics, and, most recently, cyber security. In telecoms, Mike worked for an R&D startup acquired by Ericsson, resulting in some time in Stockholm and Copenhagen.
Mike graduated with a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta at the age of 20. He had a ‘sliding doors’ moment deciding to enter the workforce rather than pursue a Master’s in batteries (but he’s happy to see that this tech has finally arrived). After a few very hectic years, Mike is reintroducing himself to his wife as they explore more of Victoria. His dog provides daily laughs. Mike goes through cycles of getting fit which involve gyms and boxing.  Don’t get him started talking about capybaras.