monash university net zero initiative

Monash University Campus Building

RedGrid partnered with Monash University’s United Nations award-winning Net Zero Initiative to help transition their campuses to net zero emissions by 2030. Monash aimed to create a smart city that would allow their buildings and campus energy devices, such as solar panel systems and storage batteries, to become their own energy market.  RedGrid built software to support this market by connecting campus devices so they could communicate, sharing information about their energy use and production; for example, when energy was being produced by solar panels or consumed by campus buildings.
Through RedGrid’s software, these devices were linked, forming a decentralised, virtual microgrid that allowed the smart city to efficiently power itself, save money, and lower its carbon footprint. By helping Monash understand when and where their energy was being used alongside enabling devices to make decisions about their energy use (when to power on or off), RedGrid created a highly successful environment for renewable energy uptake within Monash’s virtual microgrid.